Jukka Haavisto

Jukka Haavisto, born March, 1981 in Järvenpää, Finland. Jukka is a master bassist, composer; he studied at University of Stavanger, Institute of Music and Dance and graduated in 2016. He is known for his electric fretless bass technique, his blend of Jazz, Fusion and World Music Fusion improvisation skills and compositions.

Jukka is an endorser of the Aguilar Amplication, Harjunpää bass, Soundtools Oy and he is part of the Maruszczyk Instruments family.




At the moment main bands and artists to play with are:

(Bands names are links to web sites)

MA Rouf


Beat, Bass & Bone


Journey to ArabJazz


Helsinki Headnod Convention

Humus (music director)

Jukka is ready to work in sessions, concerts and tours in Scandinavia, Europe and Finland.  He gives private bass lessons in his studio and also as distance learning using Zoom.

He has a degree of Master in Music Performance, Improvisation/Jazz from University of Stavanger, Norway.

Definite discography:

Bel Vel, Bel Vel (2013)

Tanssivat ihmiset ovat hulluja niiden mielestä, jotka eivät kuule musiikkia, Bossapoika, single (2015)

Keulavaahtoa, Bossapoika, single (2016)

Beat, Bass & Bone, Beat, Bass & Bone (2016)

Ollaanko jo perillä?, Bossapoika, Single (2016)

Hämärä peittää jälkemme, Bossapoika , Single (2017)

Frontline, Electric Church, Single (2017)

Sarjakuvia, Bossapoika, Royal Mint Records, Single (2017)

Painottomat, Bossapoika, Royal Mint Records (2017)

Tähdet meren yllä, Bossapoika, Royal Mint Records, Single (2017)

Positive Current, Paraformal, 704011 Records DK (2017)

Jouluna saa rakastaa, Jonnu, Single (2017)

Valoa ikkunassa, Bossapoika, Royal Mint Records, single (2018)

Eargasms For Short - Sighted Post - Truth Era People, Helsinki Headnod Convention, Record Breaking Music (2018)

Toinen, Bossapoika, Royal Mint Records (2018)

Feather, MA Rouf , Ääniä Records, Single (2019)

The People, MA Rouf , Ääniä Records (2019)